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News? Really? You Lost Us

What Are You So Afraid Of?

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It blows me away.

Most of you know my career was television news.

I’d like to say “Back in the day when it was fair” but even then the bias was there we just worked harder to cover it up and at least give the appearance of fairness.

I can say we’d never get away with picking sides, covering one candidate and not another.

I would have been called on the carpet.

But now I see news organizations refusing to cover one man, Donald Trump.

They didn’t cover his speech when he cleaned house in the Iowa Caucus’ or when he comments on the court proceedings he’s being put through.

MSNBC said the reason they didn’t cover these events is because Trump lies.

What about their man Joe Biden?

How many lies have we caught him in and they still cover him?

Oh and who are you news folks to decide what is true and what is not?

So far your history proves you get it wrong more than you get it right.

Russian Collusion, Vaccines, Covid origination, and on and on.

It’s not up to a news organization or alleged journalists to decide what we get to see.

I remember as a reporter I had to cover Neo Nazi rallies. I hated it. I think they are deplorable but it wasn’t my job to judge it was my job to put out both sides of a story and trust the people decide.

Today’s brand of journalism doesn’t think the general public is smart enough to make a good decision so they taint the news, cover what they think is right and not what they think is wrong and feel all good about themselves. BS.

Oh, those were the days.

Journalist are not trusted anymore and they deserve it.

Do your damn job and stop trying to make news and instead cover it.

You disgust me.

What I find ironic about all of this is the very thing they fear most they are creating by not being fair and their obsession with controlling the message.

Oh, their “side” is okay with it because the end is all they care about, how they get there doesn’t seem to matter.

Ethics? Don’t make me laugh they took it out of their journalism handbook.

Well, to much of America process, fairness and freedom of thought do still matter.

We are tired of you deciding what you think we are capable of hearing.

So we turn you off.

We ignore you.

Your ratings plummet and you will be the end of yourself.

Your message is being rejected and your businesses are dying a slow death.

Truth still matters to most of America.

And we don’t you to define truth for us because we know you have no clue where truth begins and lies end.

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