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New Brewery Alert

New Brewery Alert: Three Forks Montana

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Kathy and I went on a three mile walk around the Missouri Headwaters State Park, near Three Forks Montana.

It’s about 35 minutes from our house right off highway 90.

We had a great lunch at the Sacajawea Hotel in town.

They have great food and service for the lunchtime menu.

Oh, check out the old school urinals.

Anyone else old enough to remember the “Troughs” at the drive-in movie theaters.

Nothing like standing cheek to cheek with other men and doing your business. LOL

Oh, the pictures speak of a time gone by too don't they?

Very intimidating as young man during those crucial years. LOL


We went to the little grocery store to pick up a few things and noticed a poster that said “Sawdust & Steel Brewery” in Three Forks.

“What?” we said to each other.

We grabbed the address and the place is literally across the street and down just a bit.

We ran in, sampled the IPA’s and really like the beer and the place.

The woman who helped us was super nice and told us of the history.

Apparently the owners own a bridge building company and inside you can tell.

The building is steel and wood.

It’s so inviting, cool and very Montana.

They opened just three weeks ago.

I grabbed the brewers card and plan to do a live podcast with them in the near future.

It’s exciting to see when people get it.

They plan, understand and don’t just throw it together.

You can tell they really thought about the feel, the vibe and the beer.

In this day and age you need all three to make it work and we wish them all the success in the world.

We’ll be making it a part of our weekends from here on out.

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