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More Crazy Oregon News: Poverty State?

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Oregon comes high in terms of cost of living.

Yep, if you think things are more expensive there, you are right.

Bill Lundun will crunch those numbers for you.

Oregon’s Governor’s housing council comes back with a study….get ready to roll your eyes.

Cost annually to fix homeless problem in the state….3 billion.

Wait till you find out who pays for it.

Yep, you.

And Boeing is in big trouble with the feds.

Bill will unpack that story, piece by piece.

It really is fascination and scary at the same time.

That a much more from Oregon’s last real newsman.

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That sounds crazy as in too much money for sure.

I would love to hear your take on the homeless situation in Kalispell and the stories of violence against homeless women and families. You tell us lots about Oregon, how about we learn about your new home?

Replying to

Well said, Jim!

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...


Oregon Government hasn't met a tax yet they don't love....and they wonder why Eastern Oregon wants the Heck out of this state. - M


Thanks for all the "great" news. I don't know who to write to first.

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