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Mission at San Javier Mexico

The Mission at San Javier

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When I was younger man I sang at beauty pageants, for weddings, funerals and county fairs.

I love to sing.

When Kathy and I stepped into the little church, built in 1699, at San Javier Mexico, I couldn’t resist the echo of the building and the sound of the Lords Prayer, so I sang.

I’m not a Catholic but it doesn’t matter. There’s something about the history, the reverence for God and the tradition that is attractive to me.

For a guy who hasn’t been to an actual church service in decades, this sort of place draws me more than it did 20 years ago.

There is something about this place that felt closer to Heaven than sitting in a warehouse with video projectors, sound systems and a concert atmosphere.

I’m sure God’s okay with all of it but the last time I was in a church service on Christmas Eve, the “Show” was a bit much and this quiet place seems to me to be more a place God would hang out.

Anyway, it’s a place you really need to see.

I told Kathy maybe I need to make a “Thing” out of singing in old churches?

You never know.

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