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Mental Health Relief

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Mental Health In Crisis

Sponsored by CrisDental Family Dentistry & New Leaf Hyperbaric’s & Wellness Centers

I think one of the overlooked, or ignored impacts of the response to COVID is the havoc it’s played on people’s mental health.

As a culture we pretend to care about mental health but all you have to do is look at home much funding our culture actually puts into it and you know it’s all bullshit.

Fear is a horrible motivator. When I see people use it I know something is wrong. If you have to use fear to get people to do something it means you don’t have a very good case.

I recently found a product that seems to really be helping me get my health and mental health in a better place.

In this video we talk about the issue.

I’ll put a link in here if any of you would like to try what they call “Happy Juice.”

It sure seems to be working for me.

There is much to fear in this world but fear is a choice and we don’t have to allow it to rule us.

Fear based people scare me.

They are willing to give up things like freedom, at the blink of an eye and their fear seems to blind them from seeing anything but what they are told. What is equally frightening is they believe lies that are proven to be untrue but it seems when ego, arrogance and fear get together you have a power too strong for some to stand up to.

Some of us need a boost in our body to get us to a level playing field and for me that’s what this product does.

Here’s the link.

If you like it great, if not, no harm done.

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