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Maybe You're Not Supposed To Know?

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I'm convinced one of the big lies in life is that we can control any of it.

And when we do try to take control I wonder that we don't mess up the plan already established for us?

We interviewed the women in the video the other night which is what got me thinking about this again.

For the entire interview go to our Youtube page.

These two women had huge holes in their lives.

They never expected those voids to fill but late in life it happen through a DNA test.

All that they had ever wanted was always planned for their lives but like Abraham, when told the promise would happen, they had faith but in the back of their minds wondered if it would even come true.

I find myself in the same sort of place.

I compare my life with others in similar careers.

Comparison is a downfall and always leads to disaster.

The only person I should compare myself to is me....yesterday.

Like all of you, I have days I wonder if what I'm doing even matters.

Living in a new state, with new and fewer people in my life, the thought is exacerbated.

Yesterday I walked out the Townsend gym and met this woman who is about my age. We talk a bit at the gym. I'm always trying to encourage her in her workout. She stopped me and said "I read your blog about getting involved with your community and now Rick I'm going to work to save the Toston Bridge."

I thank her, got into my truck and smiled.

We don't know the impact we have on the world around us.

If we did know we'd probably screw it up and get all full of ourselves.

God's timing is not ours, not even close.

The promises He gives us may have already happened or are in process we just don't know, yet.

Don't look back or to your side. Don't try to see into the future. Instead, simply look up.

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You and Kathy are an inspiration in so many ways, thanks, and have a blessed day!

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