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Maybe We Don't Have To Be Better?

Just Think What Life Could Be Like

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Comparison is not something most of us like to talk about.

In order to bring it up and really look at how it rules our lives, we need a large dose of vulnerability.

I was flipping through social media the other day and every other video seemed to be about how to get the perfect body, the better at life, wear the best clothes or take all the right pills to help you live to 100.

Then I noticed vacations and exotic places….you know the ones everyone else takes. LOL

What if we could look at our lives honestly and just be happy with what we have?

Even the podcasts I tend to listen to seem to have ads and guests trying to make us better.

I know there is a fine line between self improvement and giving in, but I’m beginning to wonder if our world is becoming so obsessed with improvement and living better that we fail to simply live.

We all have our stuff. We all have area’s of insecurity and vulnerability.

We try to hide our weaknesses rather than celebrate the fact that some of those insecurities and weakness also make us more human.

As I scroll through my feeds again I smile.

What we as humans strive so much for, God rejects.

I pick up a program from a Helena Symphony performance we went to Monday night and these words scream to me.

“He has cast down the mighty from their thrones, and has lifted the lowly.

He has filled the hungry with good things, and the rich he has sent away empty.”

Perhaps it’s time to scrape away some of the bullshit that quietly undermines our ability to live out loud?

I was texting a friend this morning about some of this.

I said something to the effect of wouldn’t it be nice if we could feel good about who we are right now not be concerned with who we think we are supposed to be.

What if we didn’t  feel the need for improvement, to be better, strong, younger, older or whatever the world determines is the goal in a certain moment?

That would be the very definition of peace and in that peace we could truly be set free.

Now, please refrain from advice, I know those tempted mean well.

These are just honest thoughts and aspects of my life I am fine tuning.

I’m not seeking answers or assistance, just journaling out my thoughts.

But thank you for caring.

There’s no emergency it’s just life.

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1 Comment

Rick, let's face it. We are a consumer driven, it's all about me society. So, businesses bombard us with advertising for things we don't really need.......and we are told NEED to "keep up with the Jonses". Big pharma advertises relentlessly for a healthier and longer life IF you use their products, and we are told we need the bigger, better, fanciest and latest innovations to be happy.......and we buy it. Advertising is a Billion-dollar psychological industry and it's in EVERY aspect of our lives and it's VERY effective. True independent, critical thinking without exterior influences is, well, darn near impossible unless you are totally off-grid and checked out of society. So, here we are. - M

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