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Maybe Life Isn't Supposed To Be Easy

Maybe Easy Isn’t Really Living?

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I wake to 15 degree’s.

It’s my running day but consider for a moment changing that to a gym day.

I know how running makes me feel.

Yes, it hurts and today my knee is bugging me a bit.

Last year it was so cold and windy and snowy I didn’t get to run outside and my mental health arose from the dark.

So I decide to grab the hand warmers, a stocking cap and layers and layers of running clothes and hit the path.

I run a 7 mile stretch around a pond that in parts, borders Canyon Ferry Lake.

I love it here.

I rarely see another human but witness wildness in its purest form.

Today I’m listening to a podcast with David Goggins and Andrew Huberman.

They are talking about living strong, living hard and living long.

I’m captivated by the topic because it’s real life, it’s my life, it’s your life.

I wrote something this same morning that lines up perfectly with what they are saying.

If you want a great life, not just a good life, it means hardship, hard work and hard knocks.

Most people don’t want to put out the effort to have that.

I’m not sure, up to this point, that I would either.

I’m fortunate, I started doing this long ago and God is good to me.

He shows me the depths of despair but only as much as I can handle.

However I will say he pushes me.

What if you and me are stronger than we think?

What if the amazing life we want is not found in a promotion, more views or measured by vacations and comfort?

It’s hard because I don’t want to ask for more pain but I don’t want to go to my grave thinking I missed out of something either.

I pick up a little book I try to read each morning and see where Jacob was taking his people through the wilderness and would measure how far he would push them in the desert by this standard. He said: “I will lead on softly, according to the cattle that goeth before me and the children.”

I think God is like that too.

He only gives us what we can handle but many of us could handle much more if we’d only allow ourselves to have those hard, difficult conversations with ourselves.

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