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Life Has To Be More Than This!

Life Has To Be More Than This!

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Running the ponds in frozen Montana yesterday podcaster Jordan Peterson and his guest Glenn Greenwald Episode 391, are discussing how nuts the world is right now.

I know some of you have your thoughts and judgements over Peterson but that is because the world hates common sense and loves to create villains.

Don’t listen to them, listen to Peterson and make your own judgement.

I highly recommend listening to this episode.

This is not a feel good podcast but one to open our eyes and listen to voices from different camps.

Anyway, there is so much meat to chew on but one of the things I got out of this episode is what I want to focus on for now, because I relate to it so much.

Life is supposed to be an adventure not something we settle in.

Peterson uses two biblical examples to press his point.

Abraham was living a pretty cushy life when God called him to create a bloodline that would last forever, the Jews.

Abraham was bored, had everything he wanted, life was laid out for him but God interrupted it with the lure of adventure.

He lures us the same way but America is so spoiled I wonder that we are deaf and blind to His call and when challenged to move on, move up or move over, we choose the latter so we can stay warm and comfortable.

His other example is Moses.

Moses wasn’t looking for a career change but God saw His people were oppressed, living under tyrannical rule and in slaved in lives that had no freedom.

So He called Moses to the adventure of a life time…to free His people and find the promise land.

Sidenote: God never meant for us to live under tyranny. He gives us choice to do the right or wrong thing….We decide not some dictator.

For me these are also messages from God that tell us He never designed us to just float through life. He didn’t promise comfort He promised adventure. But we have to choose it.

At 64 I know there is more to my life than this, there has to be.

I look around and see a world trapped in fear, confusion, lies and heartache.

Our freedom hangs in the balance and our world teeters on the edge of world war three.

Perhaps many of us have gotten lazy, comfortable and wish to hide behind our 401k’s, investments and things.

I believe God is calling us to stand up….for something.

People have put their trust in the political system, the economic system and find causes to make them feel like they matter.

People are fearful, they are barely paying their bills, borrowing money and we spend our time arguing over issues and causes that are laughable.

It’s time to stand up for something. If you don’t know what that is perhaps start with your neighbors, your community and the people in your family.

Maybe it’s time to dream a bit, look around at what really matters and take a stand for something other than the latest issue to tickle wall street or the protestors.

Life Has To Be More Than This.

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1 Comment

Nov 01, 2023

Here are a few random thoughts as winter closes in:

A few months ago some people on this forum said a recession was underway. No so, and despite some problems-you mention some above-incomes are up; inflation is down-not the 2% we should have, but down from a higher number. (Putin's war and the Hamas brutality/war you mention, Rick, play a role)

Biden is not perfect and has made errors. Some conservatives give him credit (see Max Boot and David French) for progress in some areas.

Some in this forum were predicting government mandates for masking again by end of October. That obviously has not happened.

And as my neighbor down the street asked-if the price of gas is so high,…

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