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Just Let Go!

Just Let Go!

Sponsored by Montana Oran Surgeons & Implant Center & Fairway Independent Mortgage

Life is designed to challenge us.

I believe those who take the challenge reap the greatest rewards.

But the road to an amazing life is filled with pits, skinned knee’s, bloodied bodies, broken bones and pain.

Why is it that the most beautiful places are miles away, in the wilderness, where few travel?

Despite what many today seem to believe, the good stuff doesn’t come easy.

I’m a firm believer in the idea desperation creates the greatest people.

I’m fearful of heights, one of the only things I think I’m really afraid of, Oh, accept failure.

I guess if I am honest I’m also afraid of rejection but have experienced so much in recent years I’m getting pretty good at that one.

Some of the most beautiful flowers grow in the most harsh conditions.

Often times I see large tree’s growing out of rocks.

Their roots find their way around the rock to a small bit of soil and grow tall and proud.

The tests in life are meant to make us not break us.

God seems to push us far beyond what we think we are capable of and it hurts.

When I workout there are times I get to this place where my head is screaming at me to just stop.

My body is perfectly capable of doing more but my mind taunts me, teases me and tells me to give up.

I won’t, I don’t and that’s how I get better.

It’s harder for me when it comes to less physical things.

My mind is weaker, more easily swayed and betrayed.

I remember a bike ride in the mountains near our home when the rocks were making it hard for my tires to gain traction. I was spinning on my wheels and ready to stop. I saw a friend of mine, in my minds eye, looking at me and saying, “you can do anything for one minute, don’t give in.”

I didn’t and I made it up the hill.

Maybe there’s a tiny voice inside nature as well.

Perhaps it speaks into the flowers, the tree’s and the rugged places “don’t give up.”

There’s a lot of noise in this world.

Voices, whisper and past experiences that tell us, we don’t have to do this. They whisper failures, embarrassments and warnings of broken bones and skinned knees.

To Hell with them.

Just Let Go.

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