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It's Easy To Get Discouraged

It’s So Easy To Get Discouraged

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Read the headlines: COVID restrictions may be coming back.

We have one former president whose mugshot is littering the internet and another where evidence is mounting, showing he took millions in a twisted plan with his crazy son.

A young man named Oliver Anthony creates a song that hits a chord with many of us and critics bash the guy for telling the truth. Christian magazines belittle him and the elite lash out like the guy is threatening their power….because he is.

Our left leaning political leaders try to tell us the economy is fine yet when we balance our check books and look over our 401k, it’s anything but fine. Most Americans are borrowing money with credit cards to stay afloat.

I’m a guy who believes in a creator who knows exactly what he’s doing. Our culture is terrible at patience and longs for a quick fix. I think this is the former and we are learning a couple of lessons about apathy, involvement and demanding better from those we choose to lead us.

We were never meant to have kings or queens. But long ago people stopped trusting God and accepted putting a human in charge, so here we sit a consequence of our lack of trust.

Why am I encouraged rather than discouraged? For the first time in years I see people standing up. I see people like you and me gravitating to goodness, kindness (that ones harder to see) and differentiating between good and evil. We’re so tired we are standing up despite the pressure to be silent and get along. I’m done getting along and so are you.

We want more freedom and less control, something we learned from our government and cultures overreaction to a virus.

I think the test is still on. The controllers aren’t satisfied, there’s an election ahead and mandates and restrictions are being more than whispered, they are happening already. We scratch our heads and think “do they really think we’re gonna fall for this again?” But many will and they know that.

So what will you do?

We saw the effectiveness of boycotts over the trans issues.

People had enough and hit corporate America in the pocketbook and won.

We can do the same thing with the next thing that comes up and you know what that is.

If airlines and hospitals want to implement certain measures, as a mass, we can refuse. They need us more than we need them.

If businesses want to discriminate against us based on our facts and beliefs, they don’t deserve our money.

Mass movements work, we saw what it did to Target, Bud Light and Disney and it can work all over again.

We don’t have to do this again.

And if you are someone who believes in the restrictions, by all means, you follow them. But remember we live in a free country where each of us gets to decide what’s right and what’s wrong.

Neither side should pressure or bully the others because if you think you are the holder of the truth that’s just your arrogance waving its hand in the air. What you will learn is that waving of the hand can easily turn into a slap with you on the receiving end.

Discouragement is a choice.

Action is the remedy.

So what will you do?

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