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Is This Really Me?

But It’s Not Really Me!

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I hope it’s not just me but I could be wrong, do we all have moments when we think to ourselves “that’s not really me?”

In the land of Artificial Intelligence, you never know.

Someone sent me this picture, created from one of my pictures, that is supposed to be me.

Do you think it looks like me?

I have thousands of people using my identity to catfish men and women.

I reported 62 fake Rick Dancer accounts on TikTok, only to be told by TikTok that all of them are justifiable.

But what is far more dangerous than others using your identity is when you/we start losing a clear picture of who we are.

Social media is a monster that devours our time and energy for a quick fix.

Much of my work is on it so it’s not like I can get away from it.

The media is like an artificial intelligence that makes people’s lives look as they wish but how often is the representation polished up, wrinkles removed and bad days erased?

A lot of people I know right now are reassessing their lives, including me.

I watch the numbers, especially on Facebook, dwindle.

We are losing our patients for drama and in search of real conversations with real people not watching the latest remedy for dad bod or E.D.

Maybe the end of the year is a good time for reassessment and reassignment.

It’s not something we have to change overnight but I think we should at least assess our lives to make sure we are headed in a direction we want to go.

I’d love to hear what you think of all this if you have the time.

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1 Comment

Laura West Crowe
Laura West Crowe
Dec 04, 2023

No, doesn’t look like you. Why wait until the end of the year? We should be reassessing daily!

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