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Independence = Freedom

Independence Day = Freedom

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As I look out my window, in a place known as Paradise Valley Montana, I’m thinking about the very real cost of both independence and freedom.

The most obvious cost is to the men and women who serve our country and to those who died trying to protect and preserve our freedom and independence.

Over the last four or five years we’ve watched as freedom has become almost a dirty word to some in our culture.

Oh, they love to enjoy the freedom they have to say what they say, but will trade that freedom for safety in security in less than a heartbeat.

They can’t see the irony of their cries for freedom which are really chains of bondage they willing trade to the tyrannical authoritarians they claim to be against.

They fear the loss of democracy but fail to see the very leaders they follow have already snatched it up.

They look at our past and try to cancel our history because our forefathers were not perfect….as if they are. LOL

They hold people from our past to a current standard which is ridiculous and ignorant and if they put themselves on the same grading scale, would also fail miserably.

They complain about America but rather than work to better conditions focus on tearing it down because they don’t like the outcomes…..I think that’s called selfishness.

But that is a vocal minority.

Today, all over this country, American’s will proudly gather in town squares, on streets watching parades and at rodeo’s and picnics to celebrate their independence and freedom.

The noise from left field is just noise.

They’ll crack open a Coors Light, fire up the barbecue and talk with family and friends about things that matter not the latest headline.

Yes, things that matter…..God, Country and Family.

There will be flags waving, apple pies consumed, baseball played, and lots of laughter.

But underlying is this nagging sense that all of this is in danger of being lost.

I see a resurgence of patriotism even though the thought police have tried to classify that term in the same camp as MAGA, Republican, Racist and all the other BS.

What the thought police fail to understand is we do love our country, even with all of its troubles and dysfunction.

We look around at the world (something they might try doing) and see all those who still want to come to America to make their dreams come true.

The land of opportunity that some fail to find because they refuse to work hard or in some cases even work at all.

Fourth of July has more meaning to me today than it did a decade ago.

Back then I took independence and freedom for granted.

Now I understand you have to fight for such things.

You can’t sit on the sidelines and allow others to fight for you.

Maybe that’s the good that has come from the last decade or so?

Think about this today as you gather to celebrate our independence.

“Land of the free home of the brave.”

Yep, home of the brave.

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1 Comment

June 19th is about freedom from tyranny and July 4th is about independence from a one party ruler above the law. They are not the same.

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