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Impossible, Who Says

He Is Called The God of the Impossible.

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There are days I look around and wonder “God what are we doing?”

I see unrest in the world.

We teeter on the edge of world war three.

People are struggling to make ends meet.

I watch protests in big cities, scratch my head and wonder “How can this be?”

What was a hate crime yesterday is now celebrated by some.

A year ago, what was grounds for public scorn and canceling is not only tolerated but “understood” by the agenda setters.

People are nervous about the future, Hell, I’m unsure of what’s going to happen.

I watch as many seem to think ignorance will get them through.

A segment of our population tries to ignore the beast in the corner, growling at us, threatening to take us down.

I know how we got here, at least I have my suspicions.

We allowed power to overtake us during a fearful time.

Authoritarianism loves the smell of fear and will use it to attach strings to its victims hence becoming the puppet master.

And we played right along.

I hear popular podcasters skirt the topics not wanting to push their audience.

They pretend their avoidance is some virtuous stand as they sell products and talk of self improvement and how we can make ourselves better, ignoring the fact that we also need to be part of a community solution.

In other words: It’s not all about the individual.

I understand their fear taking a stand, a position, has great cost.

But as I look back at history the avoiders quickly turned into part of the problem back then and it will happen again.

So with all these thoughts fluttering around in my head it is no wonder I look for a God of the Impossible.

I see tiny flowers still alive at the top of mountains and wonder how they survive?

I see tree’s growing out of rocks on rugged peaks and think “who did that?”

I watch as brave people stand against tyranny and oppression and ask myself “Where did they find the power to do such a thing?”

And then I am reminded, the same God we serve, also serves them.

It is not about what we see that matters it’s the things below the surface that are important.

“For with God nothing is impossible.”

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Nov 28, 2023

The message of 'with God nothing is impossible' appears many times in the Jewish Bible and the Christian books of the New Testament.

You are right that anti-semitic hate is on the rise-as is anti-Arab hate. At home and overseas. Some like Elon Musk may wrap their anti-semitic tropes and words in "Free Speech" (or "I'll post it then delete it in a few hours-so I can have it both ways.") But what Elon does is, I think, the hate of which you speak. Rick, are you willing to show the bravery of which you speak above---and call him out? Or will you defend him? Tell us what you really think.

(Elon does have freedom f speech even hate speak,…


Laura West Crowe
Laura West Crowe
Nov 28, 2023

The word impossible = I’m possible. I trust him to guide me daily and to fight the fear thrown at me. Future scares the crap out of me but I don’t want to be a part of the problem. I want to be part of the solution. This area I live in doesn’t have people who want community. For the most part it’s fend for yourself. But that won’t stop me. I can call or email any government official asking what they intend to do about issues. I can sign petitions I believe in. It only takes standing form in peace, not fear.

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