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I Need More Face Time and Less FaceTime

I Need Face Time Not FaceTime

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Sitting on the rooftop of my temporary casa in Nopolo, Mexico I’m listening to my inner thoughts and things I’ve learned over the past eight days and I’ve come to a few rough conclusions.

One, I need more one on one face time with people and less social media FaceTime.

It’s ironic Facebook named its fake substitute for relationship face time, FaceTime.

Like social media, one is not a substitute for the other but they’ve got us under a spell that says it’s okay.

It’s not.

I’m overwhelmed and overloaded with social media, news, reels and headlines.

Disconnecting, somewhat, for the past eight days going on eleven, I realize too much of my life is on here and not enough in here (my soul).

Listening to a psychologist podcaster talk about the importance of face to face time with people, I realize what I’ve lost…..real connection.

This podcaster said people don’t spend enough time listening to themselves and listen carelessly to those with the biggest pulpit.

Now, I don’t mean that in a self-centered way.

What the podcaster is talking about is listening to the truth we already know.

We spend far too much time cruising headlines, listening to soundbites, being bludgeoned by the latest headlines, we don’t take the time to really understand what WE think.

Our world is a mess. Our nation is at a crossroads. No matter who gets elected I predict there will be a greater division between the different factions that will not be settled with a new president or congress.

Some believe neither side will accept the vote and I believe that will be the end of so called Democracy as we know it.

The world will not be reordered by such people, it’s up to us.

But it’s not going to come with a new party, a new social media platform, or a new Facebook page for goodness sake.

The fabric of “We the People” is torn. We need to go back and start over. It starts at home, in your home instilling values, principles and the true meaning of community in your family.

We must find truth, real truth, not the personal bullshit that isn’t really truth at all but just an excuse to lie and be okay with immorality.

This will take years, decades and a new generation.

We, I, need to get back to Face Time and step away from FaceTime.

We are meant to be with people to talk about life, ideas, and really hash these things out in person, not over a screen where hidden nuances get lost, things like body language, eye movement, touch.

For a guy who works online this is a huge challenge and it won’t happen overnight. But I need to put some perspective and distance on this medium and what it really means and what it doesn’t mean.

But most of all I have to find a way for more face time and less FaceTime, your thoughts?

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