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I Miss You Oregon But You Changed

I Miss You Oregon, But You’ve Changed. (Not Published)

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I miss you Oregon.

I really do.

We had a 60 plus year affair I thought would last forever but you changed, I changed.

Growing up you were a place for dreamers.

A place everyone had a voice.

Cheating was not allowed.

Fairness mattered.

But that’s not the case anymore.

Pioneers risked everything to settle this land.

Now, modern day pioneers belittle those people for creating Oregon but sure don’t mind reaping the benefits of what those settlers did.

New folks come here because you are stunning.

But unfortunately some of the newcomers bring ideas, values and ideologies that helped destroy the places they lived and those decisions do the same thing to Oregon.

Oregon was a place where fairness mattered above all else.

Not anymore.

Oregon was a place where parties worked together.

Not anymore.

Oregon cherished freedom to be counter culture…

Now, Oregon is a just a weak reflection of culture.

I had to leave because our relationship grew toxic.

But returning this past week, my love for you is still here.

I hate your politics, your inability to hear those who disagree with you makes me sad and the trash and debris filling the streets and littering the highways and byways of your roads sickens me.

What I will never get over Oregon, is your people.

So many wonderful people.

Huge numbers waking up, speaking up and fed up with what some have done to you.

Loggers, ranchers, farmers and business people are mad as hell and want Oregon back.

They don’t want to drown out the voices of the loudmouths who have destroyed Oregon, that would not be right. But they want and will get their voices back.

You know, the equality everyone seems to be talking about. LOL

I long for the day I come back and see law and order restored to Oregon.

When people aren’t left to live on the streets but held accountable for their actions so they can make better decisions and improve their lives.

A day when drugs are not legal and deaths from drugs no longer skyrocketing.

When elected officials must consider all voters not just those in their party.

And when people figure out Oregon is a place where diversity thrives….diversity of thought and different cultures.

As I look to the East I’m concerned about my new home Montana.

The voice stompers are showing up here as well.

But this time I won’t be taken by surprise.

I know the signs and I know the damage done if you do nothing.

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Oregon is no worse than most states...

Replying to

No Wayne you re wrong.


For sure, Oregon is not the place I grew up in or eventually raised my family in. A lot has changed and a lot of that change has not been positive. - M

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