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He Confounds The "Wise"

He Confounds The Wise

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I read this statement in a book I’m reading this morning and it hit me…Perhaps culture isn’t meant to understand?

How often do you hear that voice inside say to you “why don’t they see it? How can they not see what is so obvious? What happened to common sense?

Well it’s clear from reading accounts in the Bible that God blinds the proud, the arrogant and those who do not look to Him for answers.

Sense is not common it’s given to us by God and He alone chooses those with a heart to understand.

Now, please don’t take this as God only let’s people who are in the club see because I’m not in the club and I know too many people who “see” what I’m talking about who get it.

I also know too many people in the club who also fail to see beyond the fog of arrogance.

Man likes to judge what comes from the lips but God see’s what comes from the heart. How many stories do you hear of people coming from a messed up place but suddenly see or do the right thing for no reason?

As our world slips deeper into the mess it is causing, don’t allow it to surprise you that those who think they are in charge, and their followers scream louder and longer to the point of pure foolishness.

Keep your head up and your heart on the right place.

Each day look for your own blinders by seeking first His will and don’t get caught up in the stupidity of the day.

Now, remember even Jesus forgave those who could not see…the same people who ultimately killed Him.

He understood blindness is a heart condition and God is still in charge.

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