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GreenTheory Natural Products

Green Theory Natural Products

The more we learn the more we care about what we put into and on our bodies.

A few years ago an article passed by one of my feeds from a local Oregon company called Green Theory.

I met up with the owner Tim Schley, we became best friends, and now we work together.

He started with a natural deodorant.

It’s the only thing I use.

If I can spell or say it I don’t want it in or on my body.

His products are all natural and he makes them in his home.

Now he’s branched out to hair clay, lip guard and even all natural soap.

If you are looking for stocking stuffers or just something to buy for someone who has everything, support a local business and do something truly valuable for someone you love.

I use the deodorant, lip balm and soap every day.

I never smell, even at the gym and the soap is amazing. is the website.

Order yours today.

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