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Go With The Flow Until You Can't

Go With The Flow Till You Can’t

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Well our idea to have pizza in Coos Bay last night was a bust. I’m not gonna throw the place under the bus because it’s under new ownership but the wait was 1.5 hours and after burning off 3300 calories on a bike ride our bodies weren’t gonna wait.

We did find a food truck area that was awesome. There’s one building with seating and the “beer” and outside a number of great food trucks. It’s located right off 101 along the water in what used to be all industrial land.

Everywhere we go we run into folks who remember us from my days on television or our travel series.

The pizza place had to turn away a lot of people and most of us ended up as refugee’s back at Seven Devils, the original spot, downtown.

It seems like that’s the place where the locals hangout.

We talked for hours and basically shut the place down.

Met some nice people and laughed a lot.

I do miss that about living in Oregon. When you have minor celebrity status people just come up and talk with you. You don’t have to even try to meet people, they meet you. I took that for granted when I lived here.

It’s also interesting, since Kathy and I really started our lives together, here in Coos Bay, to be back. The town has FINALLY found itself after decades of struggling for identity. While so many cities in Oregon have lost their identity to woke leadership, transients taking over the place and high crime, places like Coos Bay/ North Bend seem to have found themselves. (those problems are here too but not as noticeable.)

One thing we could not help but notice, that made us sad, was all the garbage along the highway and stacked up on the backroads by locked gates to timber companies property. You don’t see that in Montana. One reason is in our town you don’t pay to go to the dump. However, our county is looking to change that and I’d like to warn them when folks living on the edge can hardly afford food, what do you think they’re going to do when it comes to garbage? Yep, dump it along the highway or out in the woods.

I hope the pizza folks pull it together. They seem like nice people just overwhelmed and like most restaurants….they need employees.

As we travel state to state we see reoccurring themes left over by the over-reaction to the pandemic. It’s easy for people to count deaths and numbers when reviewing the data but what they fail to mention is the damage done to society. As we see the “experts” warming up a new round of fear I hope folks will look at the bigger picture….as a society we can’t keep doing this. The same folks promoting such action preach sustainability…but unfortunately they don’t understand the definition.

We’ll I do and so you do you and I’m not gonna do it again….never.

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