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Finding Yourself in Tragedy

Finding Yourself In Tragedy

Sponsored by CrisDental Family Dentistry & Montana Oral Surgery & Implant Center& Green Theory.

We’re doing these new live shows on TikTok. It’s a whole new world and I mean world.

We reach 18k people at a time from Brazil to Iowa and everywhere in between.

In the past 30 days we’ve had more than 50k people watching these shows live.

Last night in a live broadcast I brought a woman on who is a regular on the broadcasts but I don’t know her.

As she shared her story, that you can hear in the short clip above, the audience and me were dumbfounded.

Here in front of the world she was telling her story, gripping every person in the audience.

Over the last three years I’ve been a little down about social media and its value.

Facebook, Youtube, even Instagram throttle content they don’t like, silencing voices that need to be heard.

Say what you want about TikTok but right now that’s the only place real conversation can happen, where there’s a large enough audience to care.

It feels like when Facebook first came out with its live ability. The whole world opened up and people were talking with each other. Then the power hungry company started trying to control things and now people barely look at Facebook.

Instagram is still in the game but since it’s owned by the same company as Facebook, it too will soon be on its way out.

I pray our leaders will put the pressure on the owners of TikTok to put an American version controlled by private companies, up soon.

Join us on Monday and Wednesday nights at 5pm (MT) where real conversations like the one above are happening again.

From a Radio Guy in the heart of New York City, to the woman you heard above, voices are being heard….again.

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