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Dream On: It's Okay To Smile

Dream On: It’s Okay To Smile

One of my favorites rock bands of all time is Aerosmith.

Last night we watched a show on lead singer Steven Tylers new career singing country music. (it’s very good)

I’ve been listening to the song “Dream On” for decades but it wasn’t until last night when I saw the lyrics on closed caption that I truly understood the song.(I had a lot of the words wrong, funny how we do that isn’t it?)


“Every time that I look in the mirror

All these lines on my face getting clearer

The past is gone

Oh, it went by like dusk to dawn

Isn't that the way?’


So many of us live in the past.

We get stuck and then angry and soon stop dreaming.

Remember when you were young and life was an open book ready for you to write the story of your life?

But then practically comes in and ruins everything.


“Everybody's got their dues in life to pay, oh, oh, oh

I know nobody knows

Where it comes and where it goes

I know it's everybody's sin

You got to lose to know how to win”


You and I have one life to live on this earth.

Yet so many of us live it to get through it, not to experience it.


“Half my life's in books' written pages

Storing facts learned from fools and from sages

You view the earth”


I think of my life back in Oregon the past few years and am thankful for what at the time seemed so awful, because it was, but how the nightmare broke something in me turning a bad dream into a vision of something new.

Freeing oneself from a trap usually means losing something in the process.


“Oh, sing with me, this mournful dub

Sing with me, sing for a year

Sing for the laughter, and sing for the tear

Sing with me, if it's just for today

Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away.

Dream On”


My Rabbi tells me I am to smile even when I don’t feel like smiling. I am to exhibit joy on the bad days as easily as I do on the good ones. In order to ‘Dream on” my vision must be upward not downtrodden and whatever it takes to find that Peace is what I must do.

No matter what the world around me says.


“Dream on, Dream on, Dream until your dreams come true.”

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1 Comment

Smile for more than the camera. Had a fellow ask me once,"do ya hate your rig"? I replied,"no, I really like it". He then commented," then smile when you're a drivin' it"..

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