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Copper City Montana, Mountain Bikers Heaven

Copper City MT, A Hidden Oasis For Mt Bike Riders

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When we first came to Montana we realized quickly our road bike riding days were limited and we had to move into Mountain Biking if we wanted to stay on a bike.

We ran into a father and son at a local shop who told us about this place called Copper City.

It’s only about 20 minutes from our house but the trailhead is about a mile off the main highway so Kathy and I never could see all that it has to offer.

We are also new to mountain biking and didn’t want to embarrass ourselves with our marginal skills.

This is a place the “good riders” hangout.

If I were a local tourism group I’d be promoting the heck out of this place.

There’s this amazing trailhead area with picnic facilities, a super nice restroom, maps and a bike station to pump up tires or tweak your seat just a little.

The trails are endless, well marked and fun to ride.

It was a challenge in some areas but you don’t mountain bike without challenges.

We rode about 12 miles and climbed 1500 feet.

There were places we had to get off our bikes and push them up the trail, but not many.

When we got to the top you could see seven mountain ranges, from the Big Belts, to the Tobacco Roots, to the Madisons.

We only saw two other people out on the harder trails where we went.

A nice couple from Washington State who had bought an RV, sold their house and are traveling around the country. They just started their journey so we had a lot in common as Kathy and I are looking to do something similar.

As I was riding up these nasty trails I was reminded again, why we came to Montana. Oh, you can find just as fine mountain biking in Oregon. You can ride out in the middle of nowhere and see amazing things. But Montana is known as “the last great place” and you feel that. The sky is so big it swallows you up. The mountains so grand they put you in your place. You are so small and I think that is the way we need to look at ourselves when it comes to perspective and the world we live in.

Out here the rumblings and bumblings of politics and cultural woes don’t matter.

It’s just you, a chain moving gears, your muscles and fortitude….nothing more.

I am reading a devotional this morning that talks about how God meets us on the ordinary road called life. In the midst of everyday life is where He calls us.

Perhaps that’s why I love the mountains so much.

I feel closer to reality here.

I scale mountains to get a better glimpse of what God Himself gets to see.

I never tire of it.

Copper City you have a new pair of fans.

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