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Coincidence? Not Likely

Coincidence? Not Likely.

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I’m not sure what to think, what do you think?

Let me start from the beginning.

A few months ago I posted some pictures of folks from the Amish community in the area I live.

A guy from the midwest wrote me and said he was part of a group of other folks who escaped similar religious groups.

He connected me to a guy name Richard Miller. I had both of them on the show and that’s where the story takes a turn.

A whole group of their friends saw the show and started following me.

I’m at a conference in Dallas, Texas and a guy walks up to me named Matt and says I follow your podcast thanks for what you do I’m friends with Richard Miller.

Now remember there are 2,700 people at this conference.

Later, Matt’s cousin walks up and says “are you Rick Dancer?” “I follow your podcast.”

Matt hears the story of me losing my wallet and says “God told me to bring along a couple thousands dollars someone might need it.” He asks me if I need some cash?

I say not right now we’re still able to use our cards, for now.

Today I’m standing at this map of the United States that has a place for people from the different states to put their names on so folks can get to know each other. I see this guy named Kevin looking at the Montana section and ask “Do you live there?” Turns out he lives in Great Falls but works in Helena which is just 40 minutes from us.  We get to talking and I pull out my phone to put his name and number in my contacts.

The last person I had been talking with was Matt, who they call Motz.  Kevin looks at the name and says “You know Motz?” I explain and he says “I’m here with him and a bunch of other people. We all do business together.

So to you God fearing people, what are the chances of something like this happening?

In the world people call that a coincidence but to those of us who look to our creator, we call that a “God Thing.”

What does it mean?

I have no idea but I’m sure going to do my best to find out…

Our lives are not about us and what happens to us.

Oh, and a lot has happened to us since we arrived in Texas.

But when you take the focus off you and put it on others, you begin to see through the fog.

As Kevin walks away I’m like “God, what in the world are you doing?” God hasn’t answered yet but He usually takes His time answering me. He knows me so well He understands I’m probably not ready for the answer…..just yet.

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When we walk with the Lord, there are NO accidents. NO flukes.

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