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Challenge The Really Hard Stuff

Challenge the Really Hard Stuff

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There’s a part of the brain, they’ve discovered, that is only activated by the really hard stuff in life.

People like me who like to run might think running 10 miles would challenge this part of my brain but that’s not challenge enough, apparently.

This part of the brain is what keeps you young, vital and on top of things and is only challenged when you do the things you really don’t want to do.

I take a High Intensity Training Class three times a week.

That class challenges me to hit that high spot.

I like going, I want to go, but when you get to your 100th “Death Star” I’m physically and mentally fried, but I do it anyway. That’s the zone.

This section of the brain is also challenged by smaller things, the little things you don’t want to do. The tasks of the day that we put off because they are drudgery.

I wonder that I have not cheated myself for the past 64 years. I didn’t understand those tasks and the things that truly challenge me, are there to keep me fresh and in some ways truly alive. Instead I might avoid them, hide from them or procrastinate.

What I like about life is even in our 60’s there come challenges designed to keep us off the rocker on the front porch.

We are meant to live this life and we only have so many allotted days.

Do we wish away days for the weekend?

Do we give up hours and minutes fretting over the things can do nothing to change or considering mistakes we made along the way?

I read somewhere that Joy is something you have to work on. Peace is something you have to push for. I want my frown lines to come from laughing not over-thinking.

If you’d like to hear more of this information it’s episode #700 with Dr Andrew Huberman on the podcast called “Modern Wisdom.”

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