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Am I Wasting My Breath

Am I Wasting My Breath?

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I haven’t been writing as much as I like.

Writing, for me, is a way of unpacking my thoughts, ideas and feelings, but lately it’s just not there.

I guess I’m tired of nasty people.

I remember a time when discussing thoughts and ideas was like a sport.

You learned from disagreements and different idea’s stretched your mind and softened your soul.

I read in a book I really like that we are not to throw our pearls to swine.

The reason being is swine don’t understand the value of a pearl and will simply eat it, crap it out and waste all of its beauty.

I had a guy write in response to something I said the other day “I don’t mean to be a dick but…..” I’ve learned that bitter people often tell on themselves by giving hints like that as a disclaimer. What it really is is an omission of guilt.

Someone else said “people don’t have to have an opinion on everything, sometimes you just need to shut up.”

That one made me laugh.

I think I’m going to create a place, a safe place, where only people chosen by me can come to read my thoughts.

I can’t stop writing but I can limit my audience and keep any pearls that might slip off my tongue or fingers to fall into the wrong hands.

I’m just tired of nasty people.

Those who wait aimlessly on the edge of their chair for something to slip out so they can pounce on meaningless mistakes or comments that fail to line up with the cultural speak.

People are struggling. I won’t get into detail or someone will try to call out my politics or rush to try to disqualify my ideas behind the label of the day.

I guess I just don’t care much what the bitter have to offer nor what they have to say.

A guy at the gym came up to me recently and apologized for a conversation I didn’t remember having with him.

He had said something negative about “transplants” in Montana.

I’ve been getting a lot of shit from the “anti-transplant” folks lately.

I didn’t expect as much bitterness as is here but that’s how it is.

When he said he was sorry for the comment I felt it was a whisper from God telling me “I know how you feel, hate is ugly Rick. But see, there are kind, generous people out here. Let’s find a way to connect with them and disconnect from the bitterness of the unhappy.”

We each have a choice about what we let in and what we put out. Usually they are the same. What you put in will come out eventually.

Am I wasting my breath? I guess we’ll find out.

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1 Kommentar

Tim Ravndal
Tim Ravndal
21. Nov. 2023

😎When all else fails pick up your party gear and have fun. It matters not how you try to convince those that despise the truth, as they will always attack the messenger no matter where you are from.

Gefällt mir
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