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A Mom's Love

Sponsored By: Montana Oral Surgeons & Implant Center/Helena MT

When you walk into JP's BBQ in White Sulfur Springs you can feel the love.

The place looks like it belongs in Montana with rustic wood and steel frames and a warmth that's telling you to forget about what's outside you will be well taken care of here.

The food is delicious, pastries made in house by the Melody Redding the owner and the food cooked by her two sons.

As you walk in the door there's a picture of Melody's third son, Jesse.

This was his dream that he never got to be part of.

We spoke with Melody on one of our episodes of Get Real With Rick Dancer.

If you are looking for a story of inspiration but not candy coated at all, go check it out.

And if you are in White Sulfur Springs, do yourself a favor, stop in. You will be glad you did.

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