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A Cure For Sadness Thursday On Get Real With Rick Dancer

Sponsored by Greg Hinkle/ Fairway Independent Mortgage Helena MT

Coming Up On  Our Thursday Podcast 2-8-24

I’m reading a lot these days about happiness and joy.

What I’m finding is the absence of both usually follows moments of selfishness.

Let me explain.

When I start feeling down the first thing I need to do is take my mind off of my life, my concerns and my desires and help someone else.

It’s amazing how quickly my mood, attitude and sadness turns around.

On Thursday we’ll release a video podcast about two men who do this all the time.

They are part of an organization called “Aspen Adult Services” in Helena Montana.

They talk a lot about what they do and why they do it.

But I think what you will find most important is the nuggets, or pearls of wisdom they pass along in this podcast.

It goes live on Thursday 6pm Montana time on all our usual places including as a podcast on Spotify.

Get real with Rick Dancer.

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