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Your Silence is Killing Us

Your Silence Says It All

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I got shutdown during a live broadcast on TikTok last night.

The reason: TicTok says I was harassing people.

I was talking with a radio DJ out of New York City about the industry.

Nothing “harassing” about the conversation.

More than likely what happened is people who don’t like what I write got together, complained to TikTok, made up the harassing comment and got me shutdown.

Folks, we live in a world where you can NO LONGER sit on the sidelines and let the bullies rule.

You can’t hide behind others opinions but need to come up with your own and then let it be known.

I watched during the pandemic as friends, like sheep, got in line, questioned nothing and went along to get along.

They’d say to me if we all just do this or that it will be over.

As we saw that didn’t happen.

A month turned into two years and devastated culture, our schools, our economy and our relationships.

Despite what the current administration and it’s media mouth piece says, people are still struggling.

Still, I get snarly comments from folks who can’t just disagree but have to fight tooth and nail to belittle me because they can’t rip apart my facts.

Their regurgitated media talking points hold no water.

I’m all about finding some balance but you can’t find sturdy ground walking on egg shells.

I was reading about a judge who visited Stanford’s campus to speak to a group of students.

He’s fought some of this nations most controversial rulings.

A group of students booed him off the stage and their dean of the school backed up their self-righteous behavior with a statement saying there’s no room for hate the campus.

What a bunch of BS.

You can’t cry hate or racism every time something doesn’t go your way.

When it was over there were a group of students who wanted to hear what this man had to say and a louder group who  didn’t.

But the largest group were those who didn’t want to make waves and sat silent.

Your silence is killing our country, our way of life and a generation of mixed up, depressed, anxiety paralyzed young people.

I’m not saying you and I are 100% correct.

But we are 100% wrong if we sit on the sidelines while the loudmouths dance the night away.

It’s past time to get your ass out on the dance floor and make some noise.

The reaction to the pandemic caused many to take to the sidelines and wait out the storm.

Guess what, the storm didn’t pass, it just quieted a bit.

The damage is done but was temporarily covered up by government spending and handouts.

The money ain’t there anymore and our time is running out.

Your silence says everything.

Your silence is killing us.

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