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Why Do You Say Nothing?

Updated: Jun 22

You Were Wrong…..Silence.

Remember when restaurants wouldn’t let you in to dine because you didn’t take the jab?

Remember when if your mask slipped below your nose, complete strangers felt compelled to call you out?

What about people who saw visitors at their neighbors houses during the dark time and reported them to authorities?

Yes, this was not only allowed but encourage by our so-called leaders.

Now, there’s new information, I’ll just leave it at that.

But’s it’s compelling, truly based on science, and not political.

Some of the information proves much of what we were told was a lie….a lie.

And yet, we hear no apologies, no corporation rehiring those they fired for non-compliance…’s just quiet out there.

It’s frustrating for those of us who did question.

It’s maddening to those who lost their jobs, careers and friends & family, to get to this place and hear…..nothing.

No apology, no I’m sorry, not even “I guess I was wrong.”

Truth has a way of rising to the top.

When folks are fearful they do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do.

It used to be that at some point people would learn from their mistakes and we’d move ahead.

Not so obvious this time though.

As I point out in the video with this writing, too much was said and done.

Cultural monitors and censorship advocates took it too far.

What we learn from this, unfortunately, is what fear, when held over the heads of a society, can do to people.

We should have learned this from history, history not really all that far back.

But apparently to some “it’s not the same.”

Well, it is the same.

And now we are expected to forget what happened and move on.

I, like you, will move on.

But I will never forget how easily freedom is given up when fear is used the way it was….never.

I can forgive but have to work on my trust issues, exacerbated by what you and I watched good people, our friends and even our family, do to us….out of fear.

One of the big take aways for me is never stop asking questions….never.

Also, don’t be afraid of the screamers and cancelers……in the end the repercussion come back like hot coals tossed on their heads.

Oh, and I will never watch a bald eagle fly over my head again and not think how precious our freedoms are and how much I will do to protect them.

That’s is a great take away.

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