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You're Talking Points Miss The Mark

Your talking points miss the mark

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Anytime I’m critical of the current administration, his few remaining supporters jump to his defense with irrelevant talking points.

It’s as if they regurgitate legacy news media because they have failed to really dig into this stuff or look at how hypocritical it is.

One of the biggest so-called arguments I get is January 6th.

In the big scheme of things this is not a big deal to most Americans.

We care about the open border that’s destroying our country.

We’re concerned about inflation, yes, the cost of food, gas and raising a family.

In the video above I point out the ridiculousness of the argument and show the inconsistency of those who use it.

The problem is, many of us are onto you.

We are doing our homework.

We are using sense that used to be called common but is anything but common.

And we aren’t buying your message.

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You make a good point. More people should have criticized the riots following the death of Black men and women. And I am glad you criticize the January 6 attempt at a coup to return to power the man who lost a fair election-Trump.

Again, the border is not open. Trump told house Republicans to stop negotiating a stricter border law. You can only blame Trump for that.

Inflation is down.

This is my message.


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