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You're Not The Only One

We’re Not The Only Ones

If one listens to the legacy media one might believe those of us who love America and still think it’s the greatest country in the world, are alone.

We are not alone.

Last night Kathy, me, my sister Judi and her husband Glen went to an Aaron Lewis concert in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I’ve never heard or seen the “F” word so proudly displayed on shirts and hats. Yes, that “F” word and the other one, Freedom.

Aaron Lewis got famous playing in the alternative metal band Staind back in the 90’s.

Someone dared him to write a country song, he did, and found his new genre.

Lewis is not afraid to attack current social issues, yep, all of the touchy ones most fear. In fact, he understands if we don’t start standing up to the ridiculousness hoarding the dialog in this country, we as a nation are doomed.

If Lewis has an anthem I would say it’s his release of a song called “Im not the only one.” He’s a rough and tumble guy who puts on a show so real you feel like he’s singing inside a small club at a honky tonk somewhere.

I like concerts where the artists does more than just sing. Lewis chains smokes on stage and drinks heavily while performing. His rawness, in a world of lukewarm fence riders, is refreshing….no it’s actually invigorating.

Sometimes it feels so isolating to live in the current attitude of control. Last night I didn’t feel that anymore. A room filled with likeminded people, hearing lyrics that unlock emotions you aren’t supposed to feel anymore, but you do, you will and you want to.

We are headed home to Montana today after two weeks traveling Idaho, Utah and Arizona. We didn’t find many people who think issues like gender and climate change are truly “top-of-the-list” issues. No, they see the economy, border debacle, and the liars leading our country, as emergency issues. We reject the narrative passed down by progressives and puffed up by the legacy media. You folks are dead wrong and it’s time we stop listening and move forward.

Lewis said something that stuck with me. He said we are living the book of Revelations right now, I tend to agree. He said whenever you are forced or asked to walk through fire and do, the rewards are on the other side. It doesn’t look like it as you head through the flames but you find them when you get to the other side. But you have to make a choice. You have to move forward. You can’t stand there like a chicken afraid someone won’t agree or like you….because they won’t.

There is no room for fence sitters….not anymore.

If you can’t come up with a reason to vote for someone other than you hate the other person, that’s not gonna work either. We reject your ignorance and won’t allow you to guide us anymore.

Thinkers, critical thinkers and fire walkers are who’s going to save our way of life for our kids and grandkids.

If you continue to make up excuses, step aside, you’re taking up space…

As the lyrics to the song say “I’m not the only one” and neither are you.

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