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You're Getting Screwed

You’re Getting Screwed

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Oregon timber policy is a mess.

Did you know the state sold you something you already owned?

While you are trying to make a living in a recession denied by our leaders, while you are trying to do what’s best for your kids while the schools report card slips deeper into the toilet, while you are trying to find employees who will do an honest days word, your leaders are screwing you.

For more on that go watch last nights Get Real With Rick Dancer show at this link.

We as citizens of these United States need to understand our government needs our help.

They’ve lost the ability to see or draw lines and in our pursuit of happiness we have allowed them to run things into the ground.

We are at the cusp of a third world war, the economy is a mess, gas prices are headed upwards again and when we look to the helm of this ship we find no one with vision at the wheel.

The video I’m sending you to above is our show last night talking about a forest management plan, if you want to call it that, that will destroy Oregon.

Oh, the environmental crowd will dispute that, but talk to the people it impacts, look at what’s being done and you will see for yourself.

I was reading in my Streams in The Desert this morning about giving God room to be God.

It’s a fine line between getting involved and getting in the way.

But if we fail to educate ourselves how will we know the difference?

It’s hard I know, to keep up.

It seems around every corner another government operative stands in a trench coach pushing an agenda that fails to line up with anything regular folks like us agree with.

They call us conspiracy theorists and I laugh, because the conspiracies they joke about are coming true and it is they who can’t see it.

I often refer to a change that’s coming, an awakening of sorts.

Oh, it’s coming all right.

What our so called leaders failed to understand was the level they could push us.

With the “Dark Time” they went way too far and what that did was woke up Americans and I don’t mean “woke” I mean awoke.

Correcting apathy takes time.

It also means you have to do the research for yourself.

So I suggest we all pray, right now, for our country, the people and yes our leaders.

Pray for the eyes of America to be opened.

Pray for people to step up and call out the liars and thieves that are robbing us of our nation.

Call for a revealing of the hate and an end to the division in our nation.

Oh, and then hold on because this is gonna be one hell of a ride, bumps included.

Don’t expect to see it tomorrow but like anything speak it, and let God take care of the rest.

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Feb 22, 2023

I always enjoy your posts but I don’t see it that way. Just days ago, you wrote about not looking back, illustrated but Lot’s wife, and here you are looking back at Oregon-again. Why? Recession you say? not even close to being in one now, full employment etc. inflation is too high but coming down. you write’no vision at the wheel’ but Biden has one . You just don’t like it. I think most of what you write is critical or negative. I’d like to read your positive vision soon. Thanks.

Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
Feb 26, 2023
Replying to

Truth, jimjamieson48!

I too am getting tired of Mr. Dancer constantly slamming Oregon (and Biden).

Perhaps his Oregon sponsors will get tired of such, as well.

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