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You Have To Go Deep

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The Deep End Of Stability

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People today are afraid to go too deep.

We don’t want to get hurt so we stay on the surface giving just enough to make us feel like we have relationships.

I was reading an article about what some call the “cushion of the sea.”

Far down below the surface is a section of ocean that is so deep it is undisturbed by storms, wind or agitated currents.

When these areas are dredged experts find everything untouched, settled, grounded.

I tend to deep dive but only for short sections of time.

I’m realizing I can hold my breath longer and stay better.

But still I fail to find the capacity to live deep beneath the surface untouched by life’s agitations.

The peace of God is that eternal calm, which like the cushion of the sea, lies far below the surface where few choose to travel.

Years ago I met a guy like that.

Jim Gibbs lived in a lighthouse he built on the Oregon Coast at a place he named “Cleft of The Rock.”

His home was filled with nautical reminders of life at sea.

He actually had a working lighthouse in his home that sat near Yachats, Oregon.

Jim was a calm for me.

He’d been through a lot in life.

He lived for a year or more at what sea captains called “Terrible Tilly” a lighthouse at Tillamook Rock near Seaside Oregon.

It was just him along on that rock and the only way to it was by a small boat.

It was lonely, he said and when you’re alone you get close to God or you go crazy.

Jim died a few years ago.

Over the time we knew each other I did several stories about him.

Now as I read these words about peace, God and that cushion in the deep, I understand why our paths crossed.

One of my all time favorite songs is by Jackson Brown called “Sleeps Dark & Silent Gate.”

I was 16 when I first heard it and the lyrics made a mixed up teenager take notice enough to make him cry.

That song sticks with me and I wonder.

“Sometimes I lie awake at night and wonder, where my life will lead me, waiting to pass under sleeps dark and silent gate.”

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