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You Found Your Voice; How's That Feel?

Something is Up as it should be.

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A friend sent me an acceptance speech of a big named singer and I’m still thinking about what he said.

The speech was more like a religious experience minus the collection plate.

He and now I, believe what is happening in the world right now is pivotal change that is long overdue.

When our alleged leaders and those who play “Follow The Leader” censored and tried to silence us it weakened some but now in the aftermath of facts the whole plan is backfiring.

The power hungry got greedy.

They saw how easily some were manipulated with virtue signaling they pushed harder and in the end, that pushing exposed too much.

We saw what is happening in our schools. The education report card tattled on them big time and we became keenly aware of their lies and now things like school choice and more accountability are on the table again, not just fringe ideas from those labeled “right wing parents.”

I don’t know if it’s true in all places but I see people no longer afraid of speaking out.

Many felt so beat down they had nothing left to do but say “Hell No.”

I do not rest my hopes on an election but do believe even many of my Democrat friends are done.

My non-affiliated friends are so over it and the Republicans, we’ll you know where they stand.

We can bring sense back to the public square. I’m not talking conservative or liberal I’m talking sense.

No more letting prisoners and murderers out of jail.

No more measure 110.

Measure 114? no more.

And they can’t silence us unless we let them.

Standing up has its costs, it does.

Those who’ve controlled the message for decades don’t want to know what it’s like to sit in the back of the class with their mouths shut.

I’m not for silencing anyone but I am for saying NO to stupidity, ignorance and bullies.

So smile. A tide is turning even if the wave turns out to be more purple than red, the real tide turning is the one happening in us.

I hope we never forget what they did and how they lied.

When they silenced questions they invited in mistakes and those are starting to catch up with all of us.

Tonight we have a local attorney on the show who is fighting for people laid off for not taking the “you know what.”

He’ll unpack the Supreme Court Decision out of New York that says a hospital has to reemploy those fired and pay back pay.

That’s 5pm PT on Get Real With Rick Dancer.

Man, I’m so damn proud of you for pushing back.

Keep pushing and enjoy life again.

We deserve it.

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