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You Can Do Anything For One Minute!

Sponsored by Montana Oral Surgeons & Implant Center/Helena

You can do anything for one minute!

Kathy and I went on one of the toughest mountain bike rides to date.

22 miles but we’ve done longer.

This was 2800 feet of climbing and some of it in rocks and shale.

We passed several ATV’s along the path who said “ you guys are animals”. Lol

The pictures don’t do justice to what we saw.

You have to be there to experience life you can’t feel or smell the scents of true wilderness without being there.

We had lunch at the Eagle Creek Station, an abandoned spot that’s as close to Heaven as one can get on earth.

Those we ran into along the trail, which are few and far between, pulled over and started shooting the shit with us.

We rode through streams, at one point found a locked gate so had to lift our bikes over the fence and ride through another stream.

Montana isn’t perfect.

No, property taxes just skyrocketed and all of us are mad as hell.

Conveniences are rare and to find what you need often means a long trip.

But after a day like today we’re reminded why we are here.

Adventure only comes to those willing to give up something and take a risk.

We’re dead tired but as we lay on the floor rolling our aches and pains we are reminded this is why we workout so hard.

So we can challenge ourselves and prove we are still badass.

Oh, the title of this blog.I forgot to explain.

At our gym one of our teachers of a high intensity class will often stare me in the eye when she sees I’m at my peak and say “you can do anything for one minute “. I found myself repeating that over and over on the ride today and you know. She’s right.

We can all do something hard for at least one minute.

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