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Why Do We Put Up With This?

Why Do We Allow This?

(This Saturday at 10am attend a sign party at Dr Bratland clinic in Eugene 2377 Oakmont Way. Pick up a sign and proudly post it in your yard.)

There are still people out there who listen and believe legacy media.

It’s unbelievable really that these organizations have any credibility.

I guess it’s probably because “they” tout the same beliefs and stumble over the same rhetoric and in the world we live in “winning at any expense” seems to be okay.

My friend Dr Michael Bratland is running for the 4j school board. He’s an amazing guy and fair. Yes, he’s conservative but despite what many progressives think and what legacy media promotes, fairness has nothing to do with left or right it has to do with right and wrong.

So I support my friend.

This morning my email lights up with a warning telling me someone is talking about me.

Oh, and guess who it is?

A tabloid newspaper in Eugene that when it does its yearly “best of “ campaign consistently hears from its readers about how bias it is.

Or at least used to.

I don’t read any of it anymore.

As a former journalist I know what is and isn’t acceptable under the Journalism label.

For one this makes no sense.

Secondly, why am I even listed in the article, this has nothing to do with me.

Third Dr Bratland is still running and this article makes it sound like he is not.

And fourth, my “WannaBe social influencer label” is a blatant attempt at a slam and only shows how desperate they are to discredit the good doctor and me.


Are the school board races getting nasty? Well, we already knew the answer to that — just look at the climate about public education nationally. We saw Juan Carlos Valle, who was running against educator Tom Di Liberto and former KEZI anchor-turned conservative social media wannabe influencer Rick Dancer-backed dentist Michael Bratland for the Eugene 4J School Board, recently ended his campaign announcing on social media: “As a federal employee, I can run for nonpartisan office, like school board. But an anonymous inquiry/ complaint led to a decision that this race has become partisan.” Valle works for the Social Security Administration. If you want to check out the 4J candidates, you can head on over to City Club of Eugene noon Friday April 7, in the Maple Room at the Inn at the 5th, watch it on a live stream via the City Club website, or tune in the following Monday night at 7 pm on KLCC.

If we the general public do not stand against trash like this it will continue to happen.

It’s time we get back to playing fair and not allow tabloids and other media to label people and set THEIR agenda.

Perhaps we need more conservative leadership in Eugene, to help balance out, not silence the more liberal forces at play.

Tilting so far to the left isn’t working well for education.

Test scores are in the toilet, the current board is in a state of disarray, and our kids are suffering.

Don’t forget about the “Fantasy Assignment” either.

Perhaps it’s time to add a bit of balance to the board and stop reading those who will write and say anything to get their way.

Ask yourself “is our best interest really their motive?”

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Apr 12, 2023

Rick: please give the source of the article. Thanks


Laura West Crowe
Laura West Crowe
Apr 07, 2023

Disgusting. Both of you are upstanding men and this is just their way of smearing your reputation.

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