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Why Did You Do It?

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Why did you do it?

(I’m not a huge Easter guy because it is my belief Easter has nothing to do with Jesus but is pagan and therefore should not be connected to Him because God tells us not to mix His traditions with the traditions of the pagan. But that is a different story for another day and I don’t want to argue just letting you know where I’m coming from.)

Jesus, why did you do it? You died on a cross and bled to death for something you didn’t do. Trumped up charges that were politically motivated by the church that was supposed to love you led you to a horrible death.

So many who claim to follow you have done and continue to do terrible things and hide behind your name and twisted doctrine they manipulate from your words.

Jesus, why do you still do it ?

You love us, you stick with us and forgive us over and over when we make the same stupid mistakes.

You told us to not worship the world or it’s creation but instead worship the creator and we’ve culturally done the exact opposite.

You made us in your imagine but for some it’s not good enough so we try to manipulate how we look and even question your design.

We are dissatisfied with how you made us and look to man, marketers, culture and manipulators to change that.

You instruct us not to worry and instead trust you for everything but we don’t.

We stress over our future, our plans and never consider your plans may be much different.

Jesus, you have rescued me over and over and still my nights are sometimes filled with worry.

You tell me to love like you love and yet there are those I hate.

Despite all of this and more I’m too ashamed to admit, you would still hang on that cross and die for me….and everyone else reading along, even those who don’t believe you and hate the idea of you.

Someday you and I will look into each others eyes and all my questions will be answered.

One day you will physically wipe the tears from my eyes, nod and say “ I do it all because I love you”.

For now that will have to do.

Now, go Google the song “I Can Only Imagine” and have a great day.

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