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Who Can We Trust?

Who Can We Trust?

Tomorrow is Presidents Day a day set aside to honor our presidents.

I wonder if the idea of creating such a day came up today, how people would feel about it?

In order to honor someone you need to trust them.

Good leaders earn our trust.

If you put party politics behind you, who in leadership, today, earns your trust?

The idea of trust is gaining ground in this country.

I think trust has always been important but the last three years have tested our trust meters and most of us are more particular as to how we distribute our trust.

How many times do you read something or hear a headline and say in your inside voice “What in the Hell is going on ?”

The pandemic, the lack of questioning by our leaders, the hypocrisy of players and pundits…’s overwhelming.

This morning I opened a book called “The Trust Paradigm” by a friend of mine Mark Herbert.

It’s talking about how much people today value trust.

Trust is not just a word.

Break my trust and the road to earn it back is long, narrow and very bumpy.

Don’t Just Give Away Your Trust

My business has relied heavily on the social media platform Facebook. I lost trust with them years ago and started moving away from them slowly, knowing they weren’t trustworthy.

Two weeks ago they slapped me with a punishment for something I didn’t do.

They don’t listen or respond so I’ve stopped spending money advertising on their pages and will move more quickly to other platforms.

Yes, it will cost me and I have to work harder to do my job, but good and evil cannot coexist.

Facebook broke my trust and there’s a cost.

Back To Trust and Leadership

When leaders change their stories.

When those in charge lie.

When departments manipulate and disrespect us, trust goes away.

So at this point you start to wonder is it hopeless?

Not at all.

In fact Im guessing it’s all part of God’s plan.

Sometimes life has to get pretty dark for us to see the tiny light at the end of the tunnel.

Evil & Trust Can’t Coexist

Evil is easily disguised.

Manipulative words tickle the ear and make sin palatable for the mass’.

But how did it get this bad?

Why does it feel so hopeless?

It’s not Hopeless

So what if this is our way out?

A wake up call from the apathy that infests this country.

What if quietly disagreeing is no longer good enough?

What if silence to simply get along digs a deeper hole and the dissatisfaction can’t be appeased?

God has a plan and I don’t pretend to understand it.

But in reading history He uses light to expose darkness and right now the spotlight on America is intense.

Now Is The Time To Wake Up

People can ignore the light or deny it but that doesn’t stop it from shining.

Perhaps now is the time to stand up and say no?

Perhaps it’s time to call out the crazy for what it is…..crazy?

Manipulation and cohesion brings about short term compliance but it never fosters trust.

Lies have a short shelf life.

Liars eventually tangle in their own folly.

But the truth will always set us free.

Not the “cultural truth” but the real truth.

Won’t Be Easy

Expect bumps and bruises along the way.

Understand, loosing ground is not easy for those who have owned it for so long.

But they didn’t really own it, they cheated and their day of reckoning is near.

Getting Along Is Possible

Living in Montana I’m reminded that opposing views can exist in towns and neighborhoods.

Here, disagreement is still healthy.

People are people first and their party politics fall far from the top of the list when it comes to relationships.

Loving your country, your freedom and that “live and let live” lifestyle are alive and well in my new home.

So I know it’s possible.

But to keep it, or bring it back means work, it means communication, getting along and a willingness to compromise and listen to others.

It also means being aware of how easily our freedom can be taken away.

I’m excited to see what’s ahead as people awaken to the sound of their once silent voices.

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