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Where Do We Draw The Line?

Where Do You Draw The Line?

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don’t know where to draw the line anymore.

I was talking with a friend the other day and he said “I think people are tired of all the negativity.”

I get it, I am too.

But where does one draw the line?

He wasn’t suggesting I bury my head in the sand but there’s a cost to speaking out and I see it, personally.

I’m going to separate my content which should help those who don’t want to dig in the weeds with me.

On this page I will still bring to your attention, the news, ideas and things going on in the world as I see it.

Yes, as I see it.

I can’t be anyone else so this is how it works.

On my other pages I’ll focus on what I do best and that is telling the stories of humanity, life, travel and so on.

It’s tempting for all of us to see how bad it is out there and turndown the noise.

I need to do that for myself as well which is why the separation.

But we also must be an informed people.

We can’t allow bullies to own the conversation.

From here on out I will try to make this page the place to find my thoughts on politics, culture and the craziness.

On my personal page will be more stories about people and on my travel pages, you guessed it, travel.

I’m doing less and less with Facebook as its use and popularity have dwindled.

My hope is you will look at all the content but I’m pro-choice when it comes to information and what you choose is up to you.

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