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When The Meme's Stop Working

Meme’s Only Get You So Far

We all use little sayings and slogans to encourage and get us through some of the rough days.

But what do you do when the happy thoughts just stop working.

This morning I am reminded that I serve a living God.

He’s not a symbol or a cross on the wall of some church.

He’s as alive today as he was four-thousand years ago and even before that.

Life is like a river.

It’s something you must cross over and over.

Sometimes it’s shallow and smooth.

But other times its rough, high and formidable.

We look at what’s ahead and wonder how will we ever do this?

I am reminded of a story of three lads who were thrown into a fiery furnace by their enemy.

But when that bad king looked into the furnace he saw not three lads burning up but a fourth person standing with them, untouched by the flames.

The flames would not consume them.

What was natural and assumed did not happen.

And who was that fourth being in the furnace with them?

It was our living God.

On the days you are stuck in the middle of the river with no more rocks left to step on to get across.

The days when meme’s and happy thoughts are useless.

Self help talk can’t even lift your mood.

The times you find yourself in the furnace, flames licking your heels and doom is certain.

Then out of nowhere appears the living God, not with a rock to set your foot upon but two arms to carry you to the other side.

We must continually remind ourselves that what we see is not the entire picture.

There is much going on behind the scenes.

If and when you get stuck in the middle of the river with no apparent escape, hold on, help is on the way.

The living God is near.

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