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When I Hit Red On The Mood Meter

When I Hit Red on The Mood Meter

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I get up some mornings in a fog of indecision.

If I had a “Feelings Wheel” it would probably have me somewhere between frustrated, apathetic and depressed.

I felt that way Saturday.

There’s not one clear issue that puts me there, it’s a bombardment of the world, the economy, the lies and on and on.

It gets to me sometimes.

Kathy and I decided to go on a hike/run about an hour from our house outside a little town called Radarsburg Montana.

As we drove through the town we saw dozens of parents and kids outside the old school house doing an Easter Egg Hunt.

As we pulled up to the parking lot at the trailhead, a couple of real cowboys came riding down the mountain on horses.

I stopped to say hi, had a short conversation with one of them, as I walked away my gloom was gone.

Just that short interaction with real human beings, not trolls on social media, wiped away the madness.

We walked over 7 miles total.

We saw lots of vehicles in the parking lot where we rarely see anyone.

We realized it’s shedding season, a time when elk shed their antlers.

While kids and their parents hunt for Easter Eggs at the Radarsburg school, we were “shedding” through the mountains of Montana.

We ran into snow, so much we had to turn back.

In order to get our mileage in (mileage is very important) we saw an outcropping of rocks at the top of a hill.

At the top you could see most of the world (okay, not Oregon but at least to Idaho lol).

I felt like God was using the cowboy and the landscape God created, to sooth my weary soul.

It was like a whisper in my ear that said “keep going, keep doing what you do, but don’t forget to look around at my creation when you find yourself in the red zone on the color wheel.”

Today thousands will worship Jesus and God the Father in chapels, churches and cathedrals.

Good for them.

But my resurrection service happened yesterday in an outdoor arena with my wife, a tough climb, a view from the top of a mountain and a short conversation with a cowboy.

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