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What It Means To Be A Man

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What It Means To Be A Man

In a world at war over what it means to be a man or a woman, it’s no wonder some men struggle with masculinity.

Culture has this set of rules that say what a man is and some of us don’t exactly line up perfectly.

A friend of mine pre-recorded a podcast for tonights (Thursdays) show and this topic came up.

Bil and I tend to be deep thinkers, guys who are more sensitive to spiritual things and are in touch with our emotions, good and bad.

In the interview Bil sheds light on how that desire to measure up to the “man” image drove him to drugs and near death.

I wonder that a lot of the confusion, at least for young men in our culture, is less about gender identification and more about not fitting into the “typical man image” as if there is one?

In my own life I’ve learned manliness is not about how buff you are on the outside but how tough you are on the inside.

There are plenty of guys walking around strutting their stuff but it’s empty and weak.

In encourage you to watch tonights podcast with Bil, (yes he spells Bill with one “l”.

His story is one of redemption and restoration. His absence of a father turns out to be untrue. His Father was there all the time he just didn’t know it.

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3 comentários

I was taught a man is not afraid to show pain, hurt, love, tears, compassion, in addition to being strong. Being able to admit to things and being willing to not always succeeding and admitting defeat. People have often mistaken my kindness and tears for weakness only to find when crossed, or taken advantage of, or if my family is attacked, they have sorely been mistaken. Sometimes the strongest is the quietest. Strength and manliness take on many forms. Sadly, we have taught our young men that being a man is weakness and rolling over not fighting back and that you have to capitulate to power. We have taught them to fail, and that failure is acceptable. We have lo…


17 de ago. de 2023

Great column. I agree that manliness is being tough on the inside and also kind, especially towards women, forgiving, rational and other similar attributes. Erroneously some today think being a man means being nasty and loud (like some who have insulted in a personal way, Rick)

A quibble: to me, being sensitive to spiritual things and in touch with emotions means you have emotional intelligence but for me that doesn’t mean you are a deep thinker which is the the listening, rational and intellectual side of us.


We all fall short of Gods perfection, thus the need for Christ. That being said, the best read on how to be a man is God's Word. The best examples of such are other godly men that do their best to live by His Word and be willing mentors. Men willing to show their strengths as well as admit and correct their shortcomings. The mess we have now is the result of turning away from Gods Word and listening to the shouts of the evil one and those that have chosen his prideful depravity. Nuff said. - M

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