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What If It Doesn't Get Better?

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Is it me or does it feel like we're on the edge of some giant collapse?

Here in Montana property values are through the roof and many peoples property taxes doubled and tripled.

I see news that the housing market is teetering on the edge.

The stock market? Who knows?

Inflation is at record highs and so are mortgage rates.

And yet some of you (34% according to polls) still stand behind our president.

Far behind, and silently behind, but you will still vote for him in 2024 out of stubbornness not common sense or concern for your neighbors.

You hate Donald Trump so much and fear him so much that you will put your neighbors, your friends and even yourself at the brink of disaster.

I think it's time we start asking hard questions and ask until we get answers.

Maybe we need to call out those who, bully into silence, those who disagree with them?

Perhaps it's time they answer the tough questions and give us solid reasons, not the statistic they heard on MSNBC, as to why this president is better than the last.

Perhaps they need to look at their pension or 401k and tell us how that's working out for them.

Some mornings as Kathy and I drive to Helena we hear an interview or listen to spoiled, uneducated American's screaming to support Hamas and at the same time yelling chants against Jews. Really, this is their idea of kindness, equity and inclusion? Remember when those same people were telling us we were committing hate crimes? Yeh, laughable now if it weren't so serious. Hypocrites.

Those same people are concerned with the rights of our gay and lesbian friends, as are we, and about those in the Trans community.

Yet if they thought about it for more than a second they might remember the groups they vow to support hate those communities. Some of those groups kill people just for being who they are.....


I know in the Bible it speaks of people not seeing right from wrong and listening to leaders with lies dripping from their tongues (my words), but is this really happening? Have these people no discernment at all?

Maybe this is the end....maybe by the time we get to the end of the rope we'll be hoping it is.

I worry for my kids and their kids. Maybe it would be better if they not have any, the way the world is going.

The only thing that gives me hope is those I run into in Montana who don't buy any of it.

No one here has to play dumb or pretend to agree with ignorance.

My hope is this gets so bad that you'd have to be brain dead not to see it and I have a feeling, for some, we are awfully close.

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