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What If 2023 Is A Great Year

Wonder If 2023 Turns Out To Be A Great Year?

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If you pay attention to those who want to be paid attention to, you might think 2023 is going to be a Hell of a year.

Predictions are the economy will tank, inflation go up more and our stock portfolio and retirement savings are expected to go the other direction.

Frankly it’s quite overwhelming when you think about it.

But what if in the midst of all of this something miraculous happens?

The mighty are starting to fall as lies told begin to stink as they sour in the light of exposure.

People are coming together in parts of the world, finding strength in commonality and boldness in numbers.

As the bitter cold presses down over the country, bones chill but hearts warm as neighbors help each other and strength gobbles up weakness.

A friend said something last night that rings true in my soul this morning. He said things are too easy for people and when tested the weak won’t last.

We have become a weak nation. A people willing to do whatever it takes to matter to the world around them. A place where virtue signaling matters more than actually doing something. It’s all about appearance and going along with the “feel good” crowd.

Weakness can’t survive difficulty and is no match for actual facts.

The weather system slipping from the north and chilling much of the country right now is called a “Bomb Cyclone.”

Weather experts describe it as a “Once in a generation storm.”

2022 sucked as far as years go. Oh, some good things happened but much in my life has died that needed to die and culture has literally lost its way, its mind and its decency.

I wonder that this “Bomb Cyclone” is coming at the end of this year to separate the wheat from the chaff?

Perhaps the weakness needs to be exposed and a strong, hard, difficult dose of reality (bomb cyclone) may be a turning point for us both physically and metaphorically.

I’m starting to understand why we ended up in a small farming town in Montana. We needed this place to remind us that life is not about the seen things of this earth. The headlines, decided by a corrupt bunch of people looking to make money and sell their ideas, are not what really matter to most of us. They don’t get to define who we are or what’s important to us. It’s time to turn them off, all of them.

Perhaps 2023 is the year of the purge. A year when freedom to speak, freedom to chose what you do with your body, prevails.

Perhaps the harshness of the “Bomb Cyclone” will give us the courage to thumb our nose or flip the bird to ideas with no foundation as we create our own “Great Reset” that exposes the lies, puts forth truth and sets those of us who choose to be free, free.

For the first time in a long time I see hope but it means each one of us must allow apathy to die in the frigid cold and turn from acceptance of everything back to what stands the test of time…..Truth.

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