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What Are They So Afraid Of?

What Are They So Afraid Of?

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I posted a comment about Biden’s latest move to get votes.

Boy did I hit a nerve.

When people get so entrenched in their position and so angry when you ask questions, one must ask “What are you so afraid of?”

Apparently someone started a thread on a platform I’m not on but I sure heard about it from supporters concerned my name was being tarnished.

What these critics don’t seem to understand is the difference between taking out a college loan knowing you have to pay it back and someone forced, by the government, to shutdown their business over a pandemic and getting a PPP loan, with the idea it would not have to be paid back if certain criteria were met.

We both knew the expectation when we took out the loan.

I’m willing to bet most of those who don’t understand, don’t own a business and were unaffected by the business shutdown. They probably don’t know how those loans were given but rather than ask questions, they, like sheep, follow the narrative of least resistance.

When our leaders shutdown the economy we lost our income.

We didn’t choose to shutdown we were forced to.

No one forced you to go to college, it was your choice.

I do think we need to lower the cost of higher education. Tuition is through the roof and keeps climbing.

Perhaps asking more questions about where the money is going and why we can’t cut the interest rates for people trying to get an education might be a place to start.

But forgiving loans, while it sounds so easy, puts that cost on the backs of people who did pay their debt to society back or chose a vocational career over high ed.

Why do we have to pay for you?

It is so obvious what Joe Biden is doing. His polling numbers are so low he has to do something to bribe you for your vote…..and you are falling for it.

Critics and bullies stopped us from asking questions during the pandemic and look what happened?

We weren’t allowed to question the defund police movement and look at what happened?

And when we do ask you call us names like MAGA, Racist, Homophobe and Right Wing, because you have nothing else to say?

That is so idiotic and childish.

What keeps surfacing in the back of my mind is “why is my questioning so scary to those who are super brave when they hide behind a keyboard?

Why is one person pointing out holes in the narrative so dangerous to their point of view?

The pendulum is starting to swing the other direction.

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