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We Told You But You Wouldn't Listen

It’s Crumbling Before Our Eyes

The crooked path paved by the party in control is crumbling right before our eyes.

Lies have a tendency to tattle on the tongue that spreads them and manipulation often chases the tail of the manipulator.

Oh, I’m sure there’s a plan in the back pocket of the puppet masters who pull the strings of our current president.

But hopefully those in the middle and on the right have seen enough to fight against the next “move” they make.

The party in panic will create a savior and hope we fall for it.

And many will end up right back feeding from the trough of lies to gain the puppeteers what they want….power.

This is not about a better America to them it’s all about power and who has it.

We are a foolish bunch.

Human frailties often end in stupidity ignited by ridiculous fears.

Keep focused on what they tell you and sift all of it through a fine meshed screening process.

Lies that lick and promise are more likely propaganda.

We must all beware, be calm, and be still and know that God sees it all.

Fear not for fear brings on MORE evil.

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1 Comment

Wow! That's a lot of BS, even for you, Mr. Dancer.

100% Projection as usual...

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