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We The People Can Handle The Truth

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We The People Can Handle The Truth

Sponsored by CrisDental Family Dentistry


Each Fall, the people of Port Orford, Oregon wait for this Summer sand bar to get busted open by pressure from the stream up river. As it breaks through to the ocean life gets back on coarse. I think the same thing is happening in our country.

Hold tightly, the breach is coming.

My Blog For Today:

Sitting next to Kathy listening to Vivek Ramswamy talk with Tucker Carlson, something in my soul stirs.

What this guy is speaking and what my heart, mind, soul and spirit have been thinking, align perfectly.

For too long we the people have allowed our leaders to treat us like children.

It’s like there was a death in the family and no one wants to tell the truth about what happened for fear they can’t handle it.

Well, we can handle it and it’s about time we the people force our leaders to stop lying, stop cheating, stop manipulating us and tell us the truth.

How often I hear people say to me “Politicians lie, it’s what they do?”


If we require the truth they’ll tell it or we get rid of them.

The cart is pulling the horse and we need to get that straightened out…NO MORE EXCUSES.

If you are giving them excuses you are just as much of the problem as they are.

Our culture wants someone to do it for them.

That’s not America so let’s adopt a new standard of hard work, fearlessness and the drive to find our own dreams.

I truly believe the government and its followers believe that we the people can’t handle the truth.

They believe their answers are the only right ones which is why the push against free speech and open dialogue.

Well I’m here to say those people are wrong.

I think a 1776 Revolution is coming.

We are being divided by ideology and can either become so fearful and controlled that we allow the government to take over or we take it back, no negotiations.

Ramswamy, compared it to the story of the Israelites who left Egypt for the promise land but when it got difficult wanted to go back to tyranny and an easier life.

We’re not going back.

I’m excited about RFK jr. and now this young man.

Ramswamy impresses me more though.

He understands we need a leader with a vision to help us and our younger American’s understand why this country is so great.

I highly recommend you listen to this interview but don’t stop there.

Tucker Interview

Jordan Peterson Interview

We have a chance to reframe the conversation and get back to a free America for all.

We must and will speak out when we choose and if someone tries to silence you, you know, they are part of the problem.

Your Thoughts?

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Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert

A 1776 Revolution? The British Empire is do done with us.

And America IS free...


Yes, I like Ramaswamy also, and I would appreciate the truth from all politicians. Thanks for the link.



I think a 1776 type of revolution would be bloody and devisive. At that time many thugs on each side burned pillaged and destroyed the homes and businesses of “the other side.” People were held in prisons and many died bereft of their families and loved ones. Many on the Royalist side , some of whom committed no crimes except for not shouting loudly enough of their loyalty to the revolutionary forces, were run out of t homes and communities. After the war ended in 1783, we had a period of continued upheaval under the Articles of Confederation. And when the Constitution was adopted in 1789 or thereabouts it protected slavery. I do not welcome a revolution like you write…

Rick Dancer
Rick Dancer

Jim, we're done being told we need soft voice, compromising conversations. That's an old left wing strategy that worked for a while but there's too much at stake. It's time people stand up, not worry about what people on the far left or right think and speak up.

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