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We Need Some Super Hero's

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What is your Superpower?

The world is in desperate need of super hero’s.

Not Superman or Batman, but ordinary people like you and me WILLING to do extraordinary things at just a time like this.

Mental Toughness is as rare as jumping over high buildings and flying through the sky, so, use it, develop it and get to work.

Our leaders and our culture clutch onto fear because they and it are weak. We are not weak. We are the underdogs and underdogs come out on top if they can stay on task and keep their eye on the vision, not the messages.

You may ask yourself where do I find the strength? Strength comes from persevering through stress. If you give up you succumb to weakness.

Our culture is pitifully weak. Weakness is exposed when cheating, manipulation and name calling become the tools of power. Such techniques never last and as you can see from the headlines are starting to catch up with the cultural warriors.

I recently learned three steps to toughening up.

Number one have a huge heart.

Number two, don’t quit.

And number three is be the underdog story.

Too many of us give up when it gets hard.

We lose hope when our vision is blurred by ridiculousness and fool hearty people.

I was reminded at a recent leadership conference that none of this is a mistake.

You and I were born for a time like this.

We are built for this and do NOT allow the fallen, fickle, world to tell you anything else.

So, no this is not an accident.

Foolishness caught up with America and it’s time for men and women of strong constitution take action.

Regurgitating feel good philosophies will make you popular on a fallen planet.

Standing against the current will not.

We’ve become somewhat lazy over the past century.

We didn’t have to fight for much, we took our freedom and our country for granted.

Now, that country and the freedom to live as we choose is under fire.

Time to find your super power, stop complaining and push.

You don’t need the biggest muscles or the loudest mouth….the world has plenty of those.

What you need is the biggest heart an the conviction to use it.

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1 Comment

Jordan Humphrey
Jordan Humphrey
Jun 16, 2023

Rick: don't listen to their fear mongering! Also Rick: we need super heroes to stand up against evil and win back our country! You're triggered by pronouns and rainbows. You complain about the left incessantly. You struggle to understand any opposing point of view, and you project your inadequacies daily. Sure sounds like the fear is alive and well in you, my dude. So what exactly are you so afraid of?

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