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We Need Not Be Afraid

You Need Not Be Afraid

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From the beginning of time our creator knew this moment was coming.

I don’t believe it was planned but allowed for and while it’s difficult to see a reason, it is not ours to question the author.

Our creator also knew the kinds of people He would need for just a time as this and He chose us, you and me, because He knew we could handle it.

On mornings when we awaken, scratch our heads and wonder why, what and how this will ever end well, He is not phased.

We must understand our foe. We need not be afraid of them. When we touch a nerve they lash out but eventually will flee before us. God has promised to deliver them up before us.

For decades we smothered ourselves in comfort. We allowed our forefathers to fight for our freedom while we basked in the warmth of their efforts.

Now it is our turn to move from obscurity onto the front lines.

Fear not, do not be dismayed, He is with us.

If it sounds like a battle cry that’s because it is.

We do not fight flesh and blood but principalities and powers of darkness.

We have an opportunity to show bravery and courage, something greatly lacking in our world today.

Our foe will scream louder as their motivator, fear, taunts them into conformity and paralysis of thought.

I am finally over the shock of how we got here.

For the past three years my bewilderment and disbelief that culture fell for this caused mild paralysis.

But I am fully awake now.

My feet planted strong and deep.

I am not fighting “them” I am fighting a darkness that has enticed a weak and submissive culture.

People got smothered in fear and instead of asking questions fell in line hoping submission would end the madness…but it did not instead fear fed it.

We did not see this coming, but our creator did.

His timing is perfect and those He chooses for service are usually, like you and me, unlikely candidates.

So pick up your sword (love) and your shield (grace) and move forward with purpose.

Oh, and never forget you were chosen for a time like this.

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Julie Hinkle
Julie Hinkle
Aug 09, 2023

Thought provoking and inspirational.


Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
Aug 08, 2023

What a depressing post, Ricky Downer...

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