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We Need A Reminder

We Sometimes Forget

I forget how blessed I am to live the life I live with the woman I love.

I take for granted the team God put together over 40 years ago.

Life’s mistakes and missteps have made us into the people we are today.

She pushes me in directions I would not normally go.

She brings out the real me and for that I am thankful.

Oh, our relationship is far from perfect but it suits us perfectly.

Why am I thinking of these things right now?

Why am I reminded of the ups and downs, good and bad times.

I did an interview with a wonderful woman who was being catfished by a guy using my picture.

In her study of him and of me she noticed something about Kathy and me that I posted at the top of this blog.

Sandy said it in the interview and I was stunned, reminded, how we really have come alive.

Some who read my stuff get caught up on the fact that we left Oregon.

What they fail to see is this is our adventure and leaving, something, is part of it.

Kathy and I have failed as many times as we've succeeded but it was a good reminder to hear from Sandy, that what those with an open mind see, our leaving has caused us to come alive.

Perhaps it's time to leave something.

Not just a state, but a state of mind, a habit, something that has a hold on you.

Have a great weekend.

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Change SHOULD bring about good stuff for us. And even changes that we think are less than good can end up with a positive finish if we step back and look for that good which IS in there somewhere. Personal experience has shown me that God has a way of using the grunt stuff and the groan stuff and the falling-down-wailing stuff to bring about some pretty amazing, wonderful changes and's my job to look for them - 'cuz they ARE there...every time! This post is a great word for many of us. Thank you, Rick.

Mi piace
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